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Find a planning application search:

Kilkenny Borough Council Reference Numbers
  • Kilkenny Borough Council planning reference numbers have changed.
  • For the new number, please add 990000 to the old number.
  • For example 2012 planning file 12/10, is now 12/990010
  • Please quote your new planning reference number on all correspondence
The old reference number will still work in the file search field
Search Criteria
Search Criteria
File Reference Search The number the local authority assigns to an application, remove any forward or back slashs.
Applicant Name Search The full name of the applicant or company or business name.
Development Address Search The address of the proposed development, search by townland, street or area, part of the address is allowed so 'bally' returns ballygowan and stradbally
Search Interval
Search Interval
Limit Search Interval Show applications within this time period.
Sites to Search
Local Authorities

Local Authorities Select how many local authority sites to search, the results will be combined and displayed in the same results list.

Data Protection:

The use of the personal details of planning applicants, including for marketing purposes, may be unlawful under the Data Protection Acts 1988-2003 and may result in action by the Data Protection Commissioner against the sender, including prosecution.

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Covid 19 Following the signing of Ministerial Orders under Section 251A of the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended, on 29 March 2020 which result in an extension of time for a range of specified/appropriate periods and timelines it should be noted that these timelines are not reflected in the records accessible under the Planning Enquiry System.

The Revised Planning Timelines are listed at the following link
Planning & Development Act 2000 (as Amended) Emergency Measures in the Public Interest


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